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Give your deceased loved ones the respect and dignity they deserve. Make sure their tombstone reflects who they were when they lived. Most of us know what it’s like to visit the tombstone of a deceased loved one. The pain in your gut when you realize that their grave is buried under weeds and dust is almost nauseating. What we do is make sure that experience NEVER happens to you.

Our Message

Tombstone Cleaners was founded by the same people who needed what was most important to them, which is, a piece of mind. A sense of relief and calmness in our hearts which we truly craved for. Do not consider this as a business nor a service. Tombstone Cleaners was created to give you and your loved ones the respect they deserve. A respect that many are forced to neglect due to this lifestyle we are born in.

Our Story

I visited my grandfather’s grave on November 18th, 1985. It had rained the day before and I will always remember how happy those tears from the sky made him. I decided to visit him and relive that memory. I finally arrived to his gravesite and took a long look at his tombstone. "Here lay a beloved Husband, Father and Gr- I could not read the rest. It had been covered with a mixture of dirt, leaves and grass. I couldn't bear to see it like this. I bent on my knees and began to clean with my jacket's sleeves. A man with as much respect as my grandfather did not deserve a dirty tombstone. I promised myself that day, that I would make sure to have his tombstone cleaned every single month, if not twice! I went on a hunt to find the local tombstone cleaners to pay whatever it was to wipe this feeling of guilt and shame away, but to my surprise, such service did not exist. In a world of rapid growing technology and fast paced living, people don't have time to think of the dead. Why should we? They don't exist anymore, why waste our time on the past? That's not how I think and I definitely know I am not the only one. I think the ones who passed deserve the same respect that they had while they were here. They deserve to have the sun reflect off their tombstone and glow with its eternal energy and rays. They deserve that and more!

I love my grandpa and I created Tombstone Cleaners for those like me. The ones who might not have the time or the energy to kneel and clean and wipe the dirt from their loved ones tombstone but have the heart to search for the ones that will.

We are your Tombstone Cleaners.

What You Get

Twice a Month Restoration/Refurbishing

Receive Monthly E-mails with before/after images.

First 25 to sign up receive free flowers along with the restoration

  • $29.95 - small
  • $39.95 - medium (most popular)
  • $49.95 - large